About Us

Coming out of sunny Southern California, One Point O is here to bring their positive vibrations to the electronic music scene.  Founded in September of 2017 by Sandun Nissanka and Ernie Franklin, the dream that captured their focus is now coming to fruition.  The stage is set and the puzzle pieces are being placed with the help of artists Nick LoCash, Jose Basurto, and Ashlee Pittman. With their help the One Point O vehicle has taken off, releasing their first single “Recovery” earlier this year and the subsequent EP “Bad Omens” in April of 2018.  From start to finish, listening to the new EP takes the listener on a voyage to all corners of the electronic genre.  From the sweeping arpeggiations and transcendent melodies of “Stories” to the hard hitting, gut dropping frequency modulation of “Dominance”. All bases are covered here. Working together they are ready to join their music production, DJ, and vocal talents with the support of the management team, Sandun, Ernie, and Konrad K.  
Artist Bio
Nicholas LoCash
Nick grew up in Long Beach, California. From a young age he was always fascinated by music. His interest for electronic music sparked when he stumbled upon a techno mix on youtube at the age of 9. He says “As soon as I heard the mix I showed it to my mom and started finding other tracks that sounded similar. I must of annoyed the shit out of her, but I was so fascinated by this sound I never heard before that I didn’t care.” After Nick listened to electronic music as a bystander for many years he finally started delving into the world of production around the year 2013. Nick pulls from many avenues to help create the diverse soundscape of One Point O. Constantly finding new outlets to spark his creativity, Nick is driven by what he enjoys.  Simply creating rather than focusing on a specific genre.
Jose Basurto
Jose was born and raised in Mexico until the age of ten when he moved to San Juan Capistrano, California. In 2010 he started to get into the EDM scene when a friend showed him videos of Insomniac’s Electric Daisy Carnival.  He says “ I thought to myself how cool it would be to have the privilege to perform for so many people and from there I just wanted to be a DJ.” Being raised by his mom in a low income family, it wasn’t easy to gain the resources needed to pursue his dream.  But he worked hard and got some money together to buy a laptop and mixer. Looking forward, Jose is excited to bring his skills to the table and thankful to be working with One Point O.
Ashlee June Pittman

Ashlee is from Mission Viejo, California.  From a young age she would always be singing along to music.  Whether it was to Britney Spears or Michael Jackson, she felt like their biggest fan.  Unfortunately stage fright terrified her for many years, but she was determined to break it someday. With the support of her parents the little spark inside of her was born.  EDM was the specific music genre that she fell in love with. She recalls her first Insomniac event, “I saw the music producer, “Jauz”.  I observed him up there on the Dj booth and saw the enthusiasm with everything he did.  I got the chance to meet him and the passion in his eyes lit up the room.” She knew then that she wanted to inspire others the same way Jauz did for her.  Making people happy is Ashlee’s number one goal in life. She says “joining this group recently was a huge blessing and I’m so excited to share my voice and give people the same feeling I got from my first rave experience.